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Privacy Policy

Centre Chiropratique Dagenais is vigilant about the protection of your privacy and the personal information that it collects on its website or any other technological means, uses or communicates to third parties during its activities.

This Privacy Policy sets out the manner in which Centre Chiropractique Dagenais protects the personal information it holds, in order to take into account the requirements of applicable laws regarding the protection of personal information to which it is subject, but also all other laws and regulations applicable in this area.

This Policy does not apply to information that is public under these laws.


Centre Chiropratique Dagenais is responsible for the protection of the personal information that it holds or that it entrusts, where applicable, to a third party.

Centre Chiropratique Dagenais ensures that its employees, but also the third parties with whom it does business, protect the confidentiality of the personal information to which they have access, whatever the nature of their medium or whatever the form in which they are accessible. The third parties with whom Centre Chiropratique Dagenais does business are selected according to specific security criteria. All staff at Centre Chiropratique Dagenais is subject to professional secrecy within the framework of the Code of Ethics of Chiropractors.

Personal information we collect

The personal information collected by Centre Chiropratique Dagenais is mandatory information regarding the opening of your file under the Regulation respecting the keeping of records and consulting-rooms of the Ordre des Chiropracticiens du Québec.

Some additional information may be collected with your permission, such as your email address. Credit card numbers are never saved on file and only used during phone calls for remote payments after validating your identity.

Purpose of collection and means by which we collect personal information

We use personal information collected only to achieve the purposes described below.

The majority of personal information is collected for the purpose of opening a file and is mandatory information for the evaluation of a patient, under the Regulation respecting the keeping of files and consulting rooms of the Ordre des Chiropracticiens du Québec.

Your email addresses are collected, according to your preferences, for the purposes of sending insurance receipts, tax receipts, prescribed exercises and correspondence with Centre Chiropratique Dagenais team. They may also be used, only with your authorization, for the purposes of sending our newsletter.

Personal information is collected when opening a file using paper forms.

Cases of sending opening forms by email are very rare and correspond to exceptions.

Consent – collection, use and communication

Centre Chiropratique Dagenais obtains your consent before collecting, using or communicating to third parties your personal information, except in the cases provided for by law.

Under no circumstances will Centre Chiropratique Dagenais use or communicate personal information without your consent unless it is authorized or required to do so under applicable legislation.

Duration of the conservation

We keep your personal information for a maximum period of 20 years, unless you request its destruction, after the minimum legal period of 7 years. Following the estimated necessary retention period, personal information is destroyed securely, in accordance with the requirements of the law.

Security measures

We protect your personal information by security measures (physical, technical and/or administrative) appropriate to the nature of it, in order to prevent a person from having access to it, using it, communicating it to third parties when it was not authorized to do so or in order to prevent losses or any other attack on their protection

Access and rectification to your personal information

It is important that the personal information we hold about you is up to date. Please inform us of any changes to these. Additionally, you can submit a request:

  • access to your personal information;
  • rectification of your personal information;
  • withdrawal of your consent to the use or communication of your personal information;
  • portability;
  • cessation of the dissemination of your personal information, de-indexing.

by contacting Dr. Alexandra Huneault-Diotte, chiropractor and person responsible for the protection of personal information, by means of an email sent to clearly mentioning the subject of your request.

Contact us

You can communicate with us about this Privacy Policy or make comments, exercise your rights or file a complaint by contacting Dr. Alexandra Huneault-Diotte, chiropractor and person responsible for the protection of personal information through an email to

Policy Date

Date last updated: October 10, 2023.

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