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Isabelle is the greatest! I was suffering from lower back pain and never really believed in the voodoo they call chiropractic medicine. The pain was so bad that I was ready to try anything. Isabelle was recommended to me, seeing I had nothing to lose I went to see her. Here I am one year later with no pain at all! I go monthly just to make sure my dreadful back pain never comes back. Isabelle has magic hands, she is a great doctor who takes the time to get to know her patients and their specific problems. I never feel rushed, she is very punctual and professional. I have recommended her to many of my colleagues and will continue to do so.
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I have been seeing Isabelle a little over a year. I was in serious pain at the beginning and now no more pain!! I go monthly just to avoid future issues. She is very knowledgeable and has definitely made a difference in my life. If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, she can make it go away!!
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All I can say is this : at 1 year and 7 months, my son already had 10 otitis, 2 bronchitis and even arthritis plus peanut allergy but thanks to chiropractic and to Dre Anny Voyer. I can say that for the past 2 years there’s no more otitis, the arthritis is still there but slightly and the allergy is gone. Maximum change in our life and we plan on keeping it the same. Don’t be afraid, try something else !! We did.
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I would like to thank Dr. Voyer for all she has done for my family. In a short period of time she has accomplished to help my 12 year old son with his back pain because he grew too fast. She has also helped me with my persistent back pain and headaches. I’m impressed with her genuine caring about helping people.

Thank you!!
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We went there in 2008 with my son and never stopped ever we go there with 2 kids and we are very happy with the services!Thank you Dr.Anny! Merry Christmas!
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Sorry for the English
Ever since I go see you,
Mme Isabelle Juneau My Chiro
I have No more Headache .or sore back and neck , You make
LIFE much better . Thank you
So much Isabelle and your Teem. your the best
,and you know I was with the President
of the CHIRO be for. Thank you.
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