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Centre Chiropratique Dagenais

The clinic opened its doors in September 1994. Its growing popularity saw Dre Isabelle Juneau, a second chiropractor, join Dre Anny Voyer in 1998 and in 2000 we undertook an expansion. As of that time, the team comprises two chiropractors ans three assistants.

Our team

Dre Isabelle Juneau Dre Alexandra Huneault-Diotte

Dr. Isabelle Juneau, chiropractor +

My chiropractic adventure started during my final year in college when a chiropractor in the region did a conference to let us know about this wonderful profession. The light bulb went on instantly - helping people to return to health naturally and without pain? That was what I wanted to do with my life!

I started my studies in chiropractic the following year with the new chiropractic program at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières. I graduated in 1998 after five years filled with exciting discoveries, and I am now associated with Dre Voyer at the Centre Chiropratique Dagenais.

Since then, I have had the good fortune and pleasure of being able to transmit to my patients the optimal vision of health that is chiropractic care. By receiving regular adjustments myself and by adjusting my family regularly, I ensure that we keep our nervous systems free of interference, thereby maximizing our health potential. My patients enjoy these same benefits because a well adjusted patient is a healthy patient!

Chiropractically yours,
Dr. Isabelle Juneau, chiropractor

Dr. Alexandra Huneault-Diotte, chiropractor +

I first discovered chiropractic in my youth since I was doing a lot a sport. I was at a very young age when I had my first touch with chiropractic care. As I was doing a lot of competitive sports, the adjustments and care of my chiropractor was a great tool not only for my general health, but also for my performance as an athlete. A few years after, when it was time to choose a carrier path, chiropratic came to me as a natural choice, having always loved health sciences and preferring a more natural approach.

Thus, I started studying Chiropractic at the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières where I graduated five years later. Afterwards, I started the 2nd cycle Doctorate of Sports Chiropractic for personal and professional interest.

Having grown up on the north shore of Montréal, I came back to the region to build my practice. I joined Dre Voyer and Dre Juneau, chiropractors, to Centre Chiropratique Dagenais in Spring 2019.

Since then, I had the pleasure to actively participate to the well-being and health of my patients by giving personalized cares based on each person individually. Myself being adjusted on a daily basis, I make sure to maintain my neuro-vertebral health at its peak.

I am happy and eager to make use of all my knowledge and experience to follow and help patients of Centre Chiropratique Dagenais on the path to health and wellness so they can also reach their full health potential.

When it came time make career choice, chiropratic came to me as a natural choice, having always loved health sciences and preferring a more natural approach.

Chiropractically yours,
Dr. Alexandra Huneault-Diotte, chiropractor

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